April Stevens' Recording Career at a Glance


On Laurel:

No No No Not That/Black Lace

On Society:

Voodoo --6A
Don't Do It/The Sweetest Day --9A/10A
Subway Express I/II --11A/B
Night In A Toy Shop -- 12A/B
The Envelope & The Rope/Shadow Waltz --13A/B
End of Desire/Later Perhaps (Not Now) --15A/B

On RCA Victor:

You Are The One (instrumental)/My Lost Melody --47-4101
I'm In Love Again/Roller Coaster (instrumental) --4148
Gimme A Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh?/Dreamy Melody --4208
And So To Sleep Again/Aw, C'mon --4283
Tricks of the Trade/Put Me In Your Pocket --4381
I Love The Way You're Breaking My Heart/Meant To Tell You --4567
That Naughty Waltz/I Like To Talk To Myself --4876

On Imperial:

Teach Me Tiger/That Warm Afternoon --5626
In Other Words/Jonny --5666
Love Kitten/You And Only You --5761
Fly Me To The Moon/That's My Name --5907

On King:

C'est Si Bon/Soft Warm Lips --K6327/6330
How Could Red Riding Hood (Have Been So Very Good)/You Said You'd Do It (Are You Gonna?) (Stevens/Tempo) K 1287
Hot Tamale/Treat Me Nice --K1271


Teach Me Tiger 1965/Morning Til Midnight --Atco 6346
No Hair Sam/Lovin' Valentine (1965) --Atco 6380
Falling In Love Again/Wanting You (1967) --MGM K13825
Story of Love (narration)/Same (instrumental) (1971) --Verve 10661
Wake Up And Love Me/Gotta Leave You Baby (1974) --A&M 1528-S
(Won't You) Marry Me Again/Gotta Leave You Baby (1975) --A&M 1636-S
Once Upon A Very Special Time/Lovers & Other Strangers (1984) --Palace PRS 500


'Teach Me Tiger!' (1960) Imperial 12055
Do It Again/Teach Me Tiger/I Want A Lip/In Other Words/I Get Ideas/Talk To Me--I'm In Love Again/That's My Name/I'm Making Believe/I'll Wait For Your Love/It Can't Be Wrong/When My Baby Smiles At Me

'A Nino Tempo-April Stevens Program' (1964)--RCA Camden CAS 824(e)
April's Side Two: Gimme A Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh?/Tricks Of The Trade/I'm In Love Again/Put Me In Your Pocket/Dreamy Melody (side 1 under Nino's discography)

'Teach Me Tiger!' (Reissue) (1984) --Liberty LN 10225
See above, but delete I Want A Lip and That's My Name.

'April Stevens-Alone' (1985) --Palace
Mr. Sam 1 Alone/Once Upon A Very Special Time (John's Song)/I Understand/Lovers and Other Strangers/ Medley: With You I'm Born Again/Could It Be Magic-/To Sleep Perchance To Dream/How Did He Look/Carousel Dreams

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