The world knows only a few great duos . . . salt and pepper, corned beef and cabbage, scotch and soda and night and day are but a small portion of the best known. Any accomplished list must include Nino and April.

Nino Tempo and April Stevens are among that rarest of recording breed that actually measures up to their publicity. These two are great! Both are among the finest performers trodding the best known circuits. Their nightclub performances are unrivaled for sheer entertainment and showbusiness "savvy".

. . . and most important to the record buyer, what is contained herein is a labor of love. Nino and April enjoy their role as modern troubadors . . . they delight in carrying the listener to the carefree heights attainable only through the sound of properly blended voices.

As they say in those commercials, Nino and April are blended just right. Theirs is an art that has captured world-wide audiences. Their fan clubs abound in huge numbers the world over and in Japan a member of the Imperial family serves as treasurer of the Nino and April-san fan club.

For pure enjoyment this album meets the demands of the most discerning collector.

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